Collection II: Memory from never ever.

It’s easy enough to explain why we remember or forget things, what’s trickier is what happens in between: when we clearly remember things that simply never happened.The phenomenon of false memories is a common thing and almost everyone experienced it. Our memories make us who we are, they are a chain that connects our past to our present, but also they are malleable and so are we. Memories are an individual frames living their own life not connected to everything else.

When we think of our lives, we become storytellers – heroes of our own narrative, a tale that illumines that precious and mysterious „self“ at the centre. Memories are malleable, we fill the gaps and unconsciously change the details in a way that satisfies us. Often we do not know if we really remember the particular moment or simply other people stories about it.

The collection is inspired by a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where I find my childhood adventures, the games I played with my sister, the smell of morning freshness, softness of old colors. Superimposition of all these moments creates a different context at wrong time. The time in which I haven’t lived in , but truly feel as if I experienced.